Friday, June 18, 2010

sekarang dah pandai nak mandi lama-lama, mengamuk la kalau tak puas tapi ngamuk kejap ke ngamuk2 manja shower time
oh .. time going fast, my baby son is growing ...lagi beberapa hari genap setahun. but not yet ready to run. IT's ok take ur time My love. now ya anak ummi so clever. he know to use oil yuyi at his stomach, knew the use of Johnson oil to the head. my baby is good, raise his hands when we asked 'mana Danial put up ur hands' ... thanks to god may be my bf, he seems to be healthy, active and clever. this School holidays I set the table and the feeding time because my breastmilk was decreasing after ponteng pumping sessions for the whole last week. bpump tu dibawa sekali but just stay cool sometime very hot in car boot. it is correct, breastfeed/pump ur baby within 2 hours once, it is very helpful to increase milk production. I have tried and its works. My alarm clock ready for every 2 hours kot2 terlajak. alhamdulillah milk increased even in very small quantities. because of u i have to struggle. i can do it, and u as a mother also can. believe urself...


Akma said...

nih dicky chong versi kecik ke?hehe
mesti pndai kungfu si danial t..hehe

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