Sunday, May 12, 2019

This year i am celebrating my 40th birthday... Thank you my beloved husband for this wonderful suprise. Memang terbaik abang punya plan hingga buat ku tersenyum sepnjang hari. For me kiriman jambangan bunga tu dh cukup2 tak terkata utk membayangkan rasa happy dan grateful. Its so nice dear siap ada hadiah facial+body massage + body scrub💕.

Thank you Alang, achik and anom tlg realisasikan suprise yg wonderful ni... memang berjaya

 Tak sangka ada lagi suprise lain ... mia cakap “ummi ada lagi hadiah untuk ummi papa suruh bagi” wowwww tak terkata bukan satu handbag tapi dua siap dengan purse. Memang speechless 😶 daling u did much for me. Thank you so much dear you make my day brighter..

Thank you my dear daughter Mia utk kad yg kiut ni

 ingat dah habis suprise rupanya ada lagi! Oh my dear ku amat2 menghargai nya. My beloved husband siap cuti utk raikan my day. Thank you sayang... terharunya. 

Through the years, you've never let me down,

You turned my life around, 

the sweetest days I've found,

I've found with you... 

Through the years,

I've never been afraid, 

I've loved the life we've made,

And I'm so glad I've stayed, 

right here with you, through the years. 

I know I am so blessed

To have someone like you 

To be with me and hold my hands

To help me make it through 

Trm kasih ibu dan kakak atas jambangan bunga dan coklat... love it

I am definitely blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends and I would like to thank everyone who had taken a few minutes of their time yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday and say a little prayer for me. 

May we ALL continue to have a happy and blessed life. Thank you Allah

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Diijabkabul pada 4 Feb 2019, Isnin.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My family and i were enjoyed so much in our family holiday at Cameron Highlands. There are so many places which are interesting adn happening.

Homestay at pasar malam area. 

We do cooking at our own  

Our favourite place to have scone and tea

There is a place where your kids can spent time with rabbits

Nice waffles at Avant Chocolate

Love it!